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We know that bringing a new puppy into your home is a very exciting time and can even be life changing. There's lots to learn, especially if this is your first dog. There are lots of sources of information, but it's about knowing where to look and sorting out which advice is good, what is sensible and that which is poor or completely inappropriate. You will come across lots of conflicting advice, which can be very confusing. Therefore our aim is to empower new owners by providing help and advice that is right for you and your puppy. And helping make your puppy’s transition into your life a smooth one.

Our Puppy Life Skills courses are informative and fun and another great thing about joining our Puppy Classes is that you can also attend our Puppy Social Walks.

With the right guidance, appropriate training and early socialisation, your puppy can mature into a happy, well-balanced dog. Getting things right from the start is vital for the future development of your puppy. There are important deadlines regarding your puppy's social development that every owner should know. To ensure these are not missed and to socialise and train your puppy, please explore our range of classes and services below. If you would like to talk through planning your puppy's arrival, please contact us.


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