One-to-one training

Whilst class training is generally beneficial, and for young dogs it is encouraged for ongoing socialisation, classes are not for every dog or owner. Your work or social commitments may prevent you from attending a class on a regular basis, your dog may find group sessions overly exciting or worrying, or you may prefer private tuition. The advantage of in-home sessions is that training is carried out in surroundings familiar to your dog.

Whatever the problem or your goals, we can help you achieve great results. For more information or to book your private training programme, please contact us.

Home dog training. One to one visits.A focused approach

You may require help with your dog’s manners, or particular challenges such as pulling during lead walking, or your dog not coming back when called. If your dog is a chaser, an excessive barker, chews your house, digs up your garden, or cannot greet your guests without jumping up, then one-to-one training could be the answer.

Some clients like to have a home visit in combination with classes to help them make the most of the skills they are learning, or focus more on one specific issue. One-to-one training is offered at your choice of venue, whether your home, workplace or local park. One home visit may be all you need, or your requirements may call for a series of one-to-ones depending on your goals. 

You will be given a customised training programme that is relevant to you and your dog’s needs. Private training is more costly than classes however you will see quicker results. A discount is given when you pre-book three private visits.

For more information or to book your private training programme, contact us.

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