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The art of Kong I've had quite a few owners ask me recently about chews and activity toys for their dogs. So I thought I'd write a post that will hopefully help. There are lots of toys, gadgets and chews available as canine entertainment, but one of my favourites and, I think, one of the best...
Staying with someone at Christmas Provided your view of Christmas is not ‘bah, humbug!’, the Christmas holidays are a whirl of frenetic and frenzied fun. We tend to ‘let our hair down’ and many of us even turn into quite the party animal; a couple of vodkas along with playing that funky 70s pop and I’m...
Helping your dog survive Christmas Christmas can be an unsettling time for dogs. Your home fills up with unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells; a tree, decorations, lights, things that go bang, presents, and lots of different people may come to visit. So here are some tips on helping your dog have a safe and happy Christmas....
Foods your dog should avoid at Christmas This Christmas, many of us will share our Christmas dinner with our dog – a survey shows that over 60% of dog owners will let their dog eat a Christmas dinner. Most owners are aware of the toxicity of human-grade foods, such as chocolate and grapes, but unfortunately there are other...
Christmas presents ideas for dogs... Wanting to buy your cherished companions something for Christmas but don’t know what to get, check out these ideas for the more luxurious gift:  With a busy schedule you haven’t got the time to bake for your dog as well the children, what about this jar of hand baked doggie biscuits – and...
Firework fears and noise phobias Now the nights are drawing in and Christmas merchandise is appearing in the shops, we know it is also the time when fireworks begin to make an appearance. No longer is it just one night of the year; the firework ‘season’ seems to now go from early October through to the...

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