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"I cannot recommend the work Beverley does highly enough"

"December 2014: Having searched the Internet after a bad experience with a previous trainer, I was delighted but somewhat apprehensive when I came across Fetch, especially given past experiences - but I knew Charlie (my 2.5yr old Norfolk Terrier) and I needed help. Within minutes of our first meeting, Beverley changed that mindset and I knew that Charlie and I were in good hands. Charlie and I have a fantastic relationship but our recall outside of the house was questionable. In addition, due to a couple of house moves over a short period, Charlie wasn't settling, to the point that he'd be wide awake from 2- 3am, this was starting to leave me exhausted - especially with a full time job. Beverley instantly helped, gave us some great training methods, and recommended changing Charlie's food, which was great advice in itself, he's been on it 18 months now and loves it, before he'd been very fussy and would turn his nose up at almost everything.   Beverley also took us out on a 121 basis and the tips and training ideas were invaluable. Immediately after our consultation, I put everything into practice and it worked! Charlie was a lot happier and I was getting a decent sleep each night! He's a changed dog and our relationship has become even stronger.

April 2016: I re-homed another Norfolk a couple of months prior to April, aged 20 months at the time. However, re-homing a dog brings its own challenges. Jess is wonderful at home and settled with Charlie and me. However, outside of the house she's scared of most things, I guess due to not having not been properly socialised as a puppy. Realising I couldn't help Jess on my own, I called upon Beverley again, confident she would be able to... And she has. I've had amazing advice and as much as it's going to take time with Jess I absolutely know that we're in the right hands and that we'll have support as we go forward. 

I cannot recommend the work Beverley does highly enough - the difference it makes having someone you 100% trust who can help you through and who clearly loves what she does is priceless" 

Sinead with Charlie & Jess

"Beverley is a fabulous trainer"

Testimonial Jubi"Apart from being recommended by a friend, what impressed us was how qualified Beverley is especially as a behaviourist, so we started the training with confidence. This was important to us because we both had experience of dogs with behaviour problems in the past. And as we are not getting any younger, we wanted to get things right from the start and a companion that would bring us stress free pleasure and love! We first started Beverley’s puppy training when our dog, Jubi, was only three months old and we can honestly say that Beverley is a fabulous trainer. She clearly loves what she does and truly understands how to train you and your dog. It opened our eyes to looking at things from a dog’s point of view, and we received some invaluable insights into dog behaviour. The classes are fun and the homework is easy to follow. We all enjoy the training and regularly attend Beverley’s drop-in sessions."

Graham, Grace & Jubi. Richmond upon Thames

"Taming the Tasmanian Devil!"

Leo The Terrier"So what to do? Being impulsive and a sucker for a cute face, we found ourselves taking home a furry Tasmanian Devil type dog! We should have known from the start that this was going to be a challenge as he was pulling like a husky and walking on his back legs all the way home!  Once at home Leo was biting us (hard), barking his head off, ransacking bags and running around triumphantly with his stolen goods! Beverley was just the calming, funny, educated influence we needed. All of her methods are reward-based, and she does really understand both us and our dog. We will be continuing training with her for the long term and grow old together!  Beverley's help and advice has been worth every penny!"

Sarah, Dawn & Leo. Ealing

"Without Beverley I would have a Golden Retriever who makes the infamous Marley seem like a saint!"

"Heath, my beautiful, cuddly white Goldie puppy at four months, became, at times, an uncontrollable big ball of fluff; fondly referred to as ‘Bitey Whitey’. At 20 kilos, this was not clever, and to be honest, quite painful. I was already enrolled on a Fetch! puppy course and knew Heath was bright as he learned quickly in class. But when he got excited, he would literally throw himself at me – teeth first! The final straw came when, in class, ‘Bitey Whitey’ tore my trousers in front of the whole class. I was at the end of my tether and, I don’t mind sharing, in tears. Something had to be done. When you have a problem with your electrics, computer or car, you call in an expert and that’s what I did. After a couple of home visits with Beverley, I got my adorable puppy back, because Beverley explained how to respond to Heath’s over enthusiasm and lack of self-control. She seemed to understand me as much as she understood my dog. Beverley helped me understand what made Heath tick, the reasons behind his undesirable behaviour and gave me simple, practical techniques to develop the relationship I wanted with him. Now, at 18 months and 40 kilos, Heath is a beautiful, well behaved Goldie, fondly renamed ‘The Great White’. I am proud of my boy and am indebted to Beverley and her expertise."

Caroline & Heath, Hounslow

"No self-control was her speedy assessment"

Heath Golden Retriever"Before I met Beverley, my human mum used to chat to me all the time. So much so that it got really boring and I just switched off and didn’t listen any more. Why, for example, would I want to come in from the garden when there were so many other things to do, smells to smell and birds to watch. Then there was best game ever – chasing people around the garden trying to grab their jumpers or trousers. Extra points I thought if I could make them squeal or tear their clothes! But when I tore my human mum’s trousers in puppy class, it was a step too far. Beverley was called in for some one-to-one training. No self-control was her speedy assessment. Who me? I was just having fun! I soon learnt that training was fun, with lots of treats, praise and tickles if I was a good boy. So at the grand old age of 18 months, I love my human mum and I know that she’s very proud of me – as I am of her for teaching me how to be a good boy. I’m also proud now to be known as ‘The Great White’ rather than ‘Bitey Whitey’!"

Heath. Stormerick Albus. ‘The Great White’ Golden Retriever

"Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks - Beverley can!"

Billie and Belle relaxed dogs"Beverley has helped me train all my dogs. Belle, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was aged around 6 years when we adopted her from Battersea. We attended Fetch! group classes, but she was afraid of other dogs and had several issues around that. However, Beverley gave me strategies and exercises to cope with Belle's issues. She trained me to be a better owner and helped Belle to become the confident, obedient, happy chilled dog she is now. Belle now has many dog friends and is helping my new dog to chill out. She has won several prizes in local dog shows and is one of the loveliest dogs I have ever had the privilege to know. Billie is from the Mayhew and I adopted her in December 2012. We are having private classes with Beverley because Billie has a severe fear of other dogs. Billie is really enjoying watching Beverley train me well and I am gaining in confidence, as is Billie. We have such fun and have the added bonus of going to a highly qualified and knowledgeable trainer who cares deeply about animals and their welfare. I cannot recommend Beverley highly enough. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks - Beverley can! She is worth every penny, in fact her group classes are an incredible bargain."

Beatie with Belle & Billie, Hammersmith

"Not only dog training, but brain training too"

Shih Tzu Haichi"Being new to dog ownership we did our research and chose our puppy. Before we brought Haichi home, we found Beverley's website. We called her, she was very friendly and so we asked her to visit our home to make sure we knew how to settle in our new puppy and avoid pitfalls. Beverley gave us so many tips, ideas, and most important, settling in points! Without this advice we may been having sleepless nights and constantly working to his schedule! 

We followed this by going to the Junior course, which was important for training and meeting like minded owners with a variety of similar aged dogs. We were given fact sheets to help with training at home. These also build up to a handy reference guide once you have finished the classes. We also continued to the Beginners and Advanced classes and now have a happy, well trained and complete joy of a two year old Shih Tzu. We have to thank Beverley for helping us reach this stage. We continue to come to the Drop In classes as Haichi enjoys them and we keep his brain learning. The only thing he has not learnt to do is cook the breakfast on Sunday morning but we can forgive him for that!"

Narrinder, Simran & Haichi, Osterley

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