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Canine behavioural problems can occur at any time, not just in puppyhood but also in older, well-trained dogs. When issues such as aggression to people or other dogs, separation anxiety, excessive barking, phobias and fears, destructiveness or indoor elimination develop, it can be very distressing for owners. Your dog may even have been pushed to biting, and so help from a behavioural expert is required.

Whatever your concern, I do not pass judgement but empathise and assess the underlying motivations that are maintaining the behaviour. Establishing the cause of a behavioural problem involves time and a full assessment will need to be carried out.

It is possible there may be a link between the unwanted behaviour and a medical condition. Therefore any medical conditions possibly contributing to behaviour must be ruled out by your Vet.

Due to the complexity of behavioural problems, a guarantee of the outcome cannot be given. However, success is determined by many factors and one important aspect is client compliancy to the programme, as failing to implement the programme will likely hinder progress. For more details of the process for modifying your dog's behaviour, please see behaviour consultations.

To discuss any concerns about your dog’s behaviour or to arrange for a consultation, please contact us.

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