Puppy Home Visit

Your puppy’s first few days at home Terrier puppy may be challenging and you will want to make sure you are doing the right thing. In the early weeks you and your family will be adjusting to having a new puppy around, and your puppy is getting to know you and their new surroundings. Your puppy may feel unsettled at first and take time adjusting to their new home.
Some aspects of your puppy's training need to start the first day your puppy comes home, such as house training. The more prepared you are during this transition, the easier it will be. A Fetch! Home Visit can help make this transition for your puppy a smooth one and can be scheduled for any time, even before vaccinations begin.
For help and advice when first bringing your puppy home, or to avoid making mistakes from the beginning, a Home Visit helps to start your puppy on the right road for success.
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What’s included?Puppy Beagle First few days at home

  • How to avoid errors from day one
  • Establishing routines and house rules
  • Setting up safe surroundings for your puppy
  • Help with the common puppy issues
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