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Our next 6-week Puppy Life Skills course starts in January with weekly classes on Tuesday evenings. Please contact us for details of courses.

In puppies, most brain development occurs between 4 weeks and 4 months, when rapid learning takes place, so it's best to get started with training as soon as you can. It is important your puppy also learns how to interact with people and other dogs, as this is the most critical time for socialisation and will have a huge impact on your puppy's development.

All puppies need training and ideally the best time to start training classes is before 12 weeks of age - puppies must be socialised AND trained. Both training and socialisation is essential during this time to make sure your puppy develops into a sociable and well-mannered dog. Whilst well run puppy parties may provide socialisation experiences, they are not enough and further training is necessary to be certain your puppy grows up to be a well adjusted dog.

In our Puppy Life Skills Classes we focus on teaching LIFE SKILLS - this is not just puppy training such as sit, down, walking on lead and coming back to you, but also teaching you to train your puppy to grow into a well behaved family dog. We show you how to provide your puppy with a solid foundation for the first weeks of their life.

As a trained and highly qualified Behaviourist, I ensure the standard of training and advice you receive is of the highest level. We understand the importance of getting it right from the start and being given the correct information at this vital stage of your puppy's development. It also helps prevent costly mistakes in those all too important first 16 weeks - you can depend on us to offer advice that is correct, up-to-date and kind.    

Essentially, our puppy training is an education for real life. Your puppy will learn through practical exercises and games using reward-based methods. Our classes are preventative, meaning educating you in preventing problem behaviours from developing and to help socialisation, we also incorporate play sessions into our classes. 

These small, expertly managed puppy classes, enable us to give you the attention that new puppy owners need. We have a team of experienced assistants to offer you practical advice when you need it.

We understand there is much to learn, therefore we start with a fun and informal Orientation session without your puppy. This provides you with vital information to prepare your puppy for classes, explains simple ways of training a puppy without them forming annoying habits, as well as letting you know what your puppy is really trying to communicate. As the Orientation is a puppy-free session, you can attend ahead of getting your puppy or before they are vaccinated.

Classes are held at St Margarets Catholic Church Hall. Our next course starts in January with weekly classes on Tuesday evenings. To book, please contact us. Puppy life skills classes

The course consists of 6 classes and costs £165 and includes:

  • - 6 x 1 hour training sessions
  • - Teaching you easy steps for effective puppy training
  • - Complementary e-books that support the course and contain lots of advice on common puppy problems 
  • - A sample of both wet and dry puppy food
  • - Training helpsheets for each module 

    Classes are held at St Margarets Catholic Church Hall. Please see below for details of how to book. 

    Our classes are small. This allows for our puppy owners to receive lots of attention in class. I personally run all sessions along with experienced assistants, so support is always at hand. All puppies’ interactions are carefully managed and playtime is supervised with ample space for puppies to move about freely.

    What your puppy will learn on our course:

    • Key obedience skills including loose lead walking                          and to come when called
    • To control their emotions
    • Good jaw control for no biting
    • Reliable responses to you
    • To live amicably as part of your family
    • To enjoy being touched and handled
    • How to greet nicely
    • Good social and play skills
    Puppy training classes London and Surrey
    We help you develop your puppy into a friendly, sociable and well-mannered dog you can take anywhere
    Our Puppy Life Skills Course is reward-based, preventative training

    To book your classes

    Our next course starts in January with weekly classes on Tuesday evenings. But new courses are run regularly, so contact us for future dates.

    The course consists of 6 classes and costs £165. Classes are held at St Margarets Catholic Church Hall. 

    Puppies can begin attending the Life Skills Classes from 7 days after their first vaccination and up to 18 weeks of age. One of the benefits of our classes is that you can start even before you bring your puppy home! 

    To book, please contact us for a booking form and we will send you details of how to book.


    Classes and vaccinations

    Classes and vaccinationsSocialisation is an important aspect of a puppy’s development. Participation in well-run classes helps minimise potential problems such as fearfulness and anxiety, that could develop as your puppy matures.

    Interacting in puppy socialisation classes ahead of the second vaccination has shown to outweigh potential risk. These need to be considered however such risks are minimal compared to the huge benefits of attendance at well-run classes. Statistics support the recommendations for puppies attending classes before the second vaccination. Research published this year shows vaccinated puppies attending classes were no more at risk of Parvovirus infection compared to puppies that did not attend a class.*

    Today’s vaccines provide more reliable protection therefore puppies can start our classes seven days after their first vaccination. We also take further precautions by running all of our puppy classes indoors and held before any adult dog class.  

    * Reference:

    Stepita, M.E., Bain, M.J. and Kass, P.H. (2013) Frequency of CPV infection in vaccinated puppies that attended puppy socialization classes. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, 49(2): 95-100



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