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 As your puppy enters their juvenile phase at around 4-6 months of age, they are likely to become more interested in their surroundings than they are focused on you. This time is just as important as the socialisation stage and how you handle your dog at this age can have long-term consequences.

This is the onset of sexual maturity where hormones start to influence your dog's behaviour resulting in a dog that is easily distracted. Your dog may have become impulsive, boisterous and difficult to handle. Any undesirable behaviour practised at this stage will start to become the 'blueprint' for behaviour as an adult. Puppies' brains are fully developed and can now concetrate better on tasks and are more receptive to learning. This is the perfect time to put your developing dog into training classes. Ideally you want to be progressing the skills learned at puppy classes.

During the juvenile period your dog will also go through a secondary fear stage. You may find they start to show shyness and become scared of new situations. It is important to know how to appropriately handle your dog during this time, as any experience your dog perceives as unpleasant can have a lasting effect on their behaviour. Socialisation also needs to continue in the first year to prevent fearfulness and shyness developing. If socialisation is stopped during the juvenile stage, your dog may regress.

Dogs benefit from ongoing training and research has shown that attending professional training classes during this phase improves a dog’s sociability and reduces the occurrence of problem behaviours. To help you through this juvenile period we offer this follow-on course from puppy classes.

Our Junior Course is open to juvenile aged dogs who have previously attended our puppy classes (if you attended other puppy classes, please contact us for advice about our other options). We progress existing skills, teach quick and reliable responses to new cues, and introduce training techniques to avoid problem behaviours from developing into adulthood.

You will learn how to: 

  • Develop essential skills such as polite lead walking and a good recall
  • Improve self control and reduce impulsivity
  • Motivate your dog and have fun with training by introducing clicker training
  • Progress your dog's ability to work with distrations
  • Continue to enhance social skills and improve attentiveness

Our next Junior Course

  • We're now booking for our next Junior Course 
  • This course is for pre-adolescent dogs and is an ideal follow-on for those who have attended our puppy training classes 

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