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For maintaining good behaviour, training needs to be ongoing. Some owners wish to continue improving their dog’s responsiveness. Once your dog has mastered the basics, we can help you take your dog's training to a more advanced level.

These courses are suitable for dogs that have received previous training with us and have mastered the basics. We take these foundation training skills and build upon them in preparation for when real life happens. We also lessen the reliance on food treats.

The benefits of Advanced Classes

These classes are fun, informal and mentally stimulating for your dog plus they continue to strengthen the good bond you have worked at establishing with your dog:

  • Learn to train more complex behaviours
  • Enhance your dog's repertoire of skills
  • Train for super reliability
  • Improve off-lead and at-distance responses

To find out more, or to discuss if your dog will be suitable for our Advanced Classes, please contact us

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