Training classes

A responsive dog with good social skills is a real pleasure. And it's our aim to help your dog achieve their potential. Books on training or online advice may help, however learning directly from a professional by attending a good training class provides you with a structured programme and ongoing support.

Most dogs benefit from group classes with training that teaches your dog in an environment with distractions to respond reliably and are an ideal way for a dog to learn as we build on skills week by week. Dog training need not be a chore or difficult, and instead something fun you do with your dog as a team. Training improves your dog's behaviour, makes them smarter and strengthens the connection between you.

We use reward-based methods to reinforce your dog's correct responses - we don't use 'corrections' or punishment. Some of our classes use the effective technique of clicker training. Training is ongoing communication and the clicker establishes a clearer and simpler way to communicate with your dog.

Our classes are fun, friendly and in relaxed surroundings and offer you effective training advice. The training is of a high standard and we coach you in the principles of dog training, so you can continue training your dog at home and in the park. We believe that training should not limit your dog's freedom of expression, and instead help you establish a relationship of mutual trust.

Numbers in our classes are limited to allow us to give you the attention you need. We find our greatest successes occur with clients who work proactively through our programme.

The benefits of our classes

  • We do not advocate force or punishment techniques
  • Weekly helpsheets provided
  • Lifeskills tips for everyday training
  • We provide a safe and secure indoor venue
  • Learn a better way to communicate with your dog
  • Training advice from a behavioural expert

We have a range of classes to choose from in St Margarets and Twickenham. Please click on the boxes below for more information. If you are looking for puppy classes, please visit our puppy section. 


The Right Advice


In an unregulated industry, be sure about the ability and competence of a trainer or fp more

Behavioural Help


Issues from aggression, separation anxiety, unruliness, indoor toileting and fearfulness 
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