Cat behaviour issuesCat behaviour consultations

Many problem behaviours are, in effect, normal feline behaviours however they can result in a breakdown of the owner-cat bond. 

You may not be aware that help is available for feline problem behaviours. I can help with feline issues such as excessive vocalisation, scratching furniture and carpets, house soiling and spraying, over-grooming, excessive nocturnal activity, over-attachment, nervousness or aggressive behaviour.

A consultation is carried out in your home to allow for a thorough assessment to be made and a case history to be taken for your cat. This is to fully explore the motivation for the behaviour and devise a practical, detailed treatment programme to help eradicate the undesired behaviour. Whilst you are progressing through the programme, you will be provided with continued support. For details of the process for modifying your cat's behaviour, please see behaviour consultations.

In addition, I can also provide home visits for cat-dog introductions. If you are experiencing problems introducing a new dog to your cat, or vice versa, please contact us to help with this introduction process.

If you would like to discuss any issue you have regarding your cat's behaviour, please contact us

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